Interested in becoming an affiliate
and earning FIZILI Free Product?
1. Minimum order requirement: Establish a minimum order requirement for businesses and dealers to meet in order to become a partner and receive discounts and benefits.

2. Exclusive distribution rights: Grant exclusive distribution rights to select partners in certain regions or territories.

3. Volume discounts: Offer volume discounts to partners who purchase large quantities of watches.

4. Dealer and distributor programs: Develop dealer and distributor programs that provide training, support, and marketing materials to help partners successfully sell your watches.

5. Customization options: Offer customization options for partners, such as custom engraving and packaging, to help them stand out in their markets.

6. Marketing support: Provide marketing support to partners, such as product images, videos and brochures.

7. Training and education: Offer training and education on your products, such as product features, warranty, and maintenance to ensure partners have the knowledge to successfully sell your watches.

8. Return policy: Establish a clear return policy for partners, outlining the process for returns and exchanges.

9. Payment terms: Clearly define payment terms, such as credit terms and payment options, to ensure partners understand how and when they will be paid.

10. Communication: Regularly communicate with partners, such as through a newsletter or email, to keep them informed of new products, promotions, and other developments.

Note: Please make sure to comply with any legal requirements and regulations regarding bussiness partnership and also please ensure that the materials and craftsmanship are up to standard.